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01. 10. 2024.

Garden City is taking its first group trip to Israel! This is going to be an incredible experience whether you have been before or it is your first time. We have the honor of being led by Samuel Whitefield. He is the founder of One King (, author of several books including "Israel and the Great Commission," and he is the Director of Israel Mandate Department at the International House of Prayer Kansas City. To see the books he has […]

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12. 04. 2024.

Garden City is taking its first group trip to the Levant region! We will be partnering with MAPS Global to continue to strengthen the local church in the Levant region, build the house of prayer and impact the community through the love, hope and power of the gospel. Malachi 1:11 - "For from the rising of the sun, even to its going down, My name shall be great among the Gentiles; In every place incense shall be offered to My name, […]

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1890 E. Main St. Columbus, Oh 43205 (Center of Entrepreneurial Development) 16. 02. 2024.

Monthly Gatherings - 3rd Fridays @ 7pm Our next worship night will be held April 19th @ 7pm at 1890 E. Main St. Columbus, Oh 43205 (Center of Entrepreneurial Development) Garden City is committed to awakening and equipping the Bride of Christ to bring transformation to Columbus, OH by advancing the Kingdom of God! For the last three years the focus of this vision has been impacting the Westside of Columbus. We are excited to announce that God has invited […]

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Garden City Church 25. 04. 2024.

April 25th - 28th | Columbus, OH Join us for a time of worship, prayer, and prophetic proclamation as we celebrate the feast of Passover, and exalt Jesus Christ! We are excited to corporately press into the worthiness of Jesus, and see Him receive the reward of His sufferings in our generation.     Speakers/Worship Leaders: Gerald Murphy  Garden City Worship Rebecca Seubert Joseph & Cindy Mathew Chris Burns  Tim Manigault Schedule: Thursday, April 25th @7pm -  Kick Off Service 2 Cor. […]

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