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Presence & Word Groups

About Presence & Word Groups

Consistent spaces for believers to gather together around the presence of Jesus and the Word of God in the marketplace (job, school, coffeeshops, etc.) or in small groups at home throughout the week.

Praising The Lord and praying His Word out loud with other believers is so powerful, and doing this shifts the atmosphere, brings the awareness of Jesus, and activates us to be on mission for the Gospel of the Kingdom everywhere we have influence.

Groups are anywhere from 15 minutes to up to a few hours and take place bi-weekly, weekly, or even daily.

Scripture References for Presence & Word Groups: Psalm 72:15b, 1 Kings 5:3-5, 2 Chronicles 6:2, Matthew 6:10, John 1:14, Revelation 5:8-10, Revelation 21:1-3

Presence & Word Groups for Moms and Dads

Most Presence & Word Groups are held at people’s work places as a way of bringing Christ into outside communities. Additionally, Garden City offers a Moms Presence & Word Group and a Dads Presence & Word Group. You can register for those below.