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Family Connect Night

TUESDAY, MAY 28TH | 6:30-8:30PM

As parents who love and follow Jesus, we all want one thing: to make sure that our children learn to love and follow Jesus, too. But how do we raise our children to know the truth in a world that tells them there is no truth? How do we maintain the Biblical view of family in a world that tells us family isn’t important? How do we model the love of the Father when we ourselves are so flawed?

Join us at our upcoming Family Connect Night to to discuss specific issues Christian parents face when trying to balance the pressures of worldly culture and influences with the obedience of Christ in our families. We will be tackling issues related to sexual purity, media consumption and screens, holidays and family expectations, education, and practical ways to ground your children in the truth of Jesus Christ.

You can submit question requests with your registration at the button below. Dinner will be provided. 

Must register by May 23rd.


Event Details
05. 28. 2024.
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
Eden Center
3880 Clime Rd